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My Background

My Inspiration

My Background

I am an emerging artist currently painting with the Kelowna Palette Club.  Following a 35 year career in healthcare, I stepped boldly out of my comfort zone to face the challenges of learning to paint.


My Medium

My Inspiration

My Background

Acrylic on canvas was my first and preferred medium.  I ventured into the  vast range of topics and fundamental methods of painting that, at times, felt daunting.  Another  recent leap out of my comfort zone was an expertly-guided exploration of oil painting, on canvas and wood panel.


My Inspiration

My Inspiration

My Inspiration

After reaching a certain age, I became much more aware of the world around me, finding a peculiar beauty in the simplest things.  Digital photography combined with travel has become a significant source of inspiration for some  of my art and will continue to be.  


Born in Germany, Audrey came to Canada as a child and lived in windy southern Alberta before moving to the Okanagan in 1981.  Audrey and her husband raised three children in Penticton, then after a few empty nest years, relocated to Kelowna.  She worked for many years as a clinical laboratory assistant and is now retired.

Her first foray into the visual arts was digital photography in 1998, and she was often heard to say she was  "...taking my camera for a walk ".  Visiting her children in Alberta, Ontario, and Switzerland has provided an opportunity to travel throughout Canada and Europe and photograph incredible beauty and history.  Those countless images have become a valuable resource for her love of painting.

Audrey first explored painting with acrylics in 2015 and considers herself self-taught with much more to learn.  She has used a variety of on-line workshops, demonstrations and tutorials to build on her painting knowledge.  She has also attended numerous local art demonstrations and continues to participate in drawing and art classes.  She recently (winter 2019) completed five full-day still-life workshops, her first exploration of oil painting.

She continually challenges herself to learn, demonstrating her personal mantra that  "...life begins at the end of your comfort zone".

Audrey is blessed with a supportive and loving family: three grown children and six grandchildren living in Kingston, Ontario, Calgary and Zurich, Switzerland.

She is a member of the Kelowna Palette Club, the Central Okanagan chapter of the FCA as well as an Active Member of the FCA.

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  • March 2020, Design Your Paintings for Success, two day workshop with Kato, Pleasant Pear Studio, Kelowna, BC
  • October 2019, Abstracted Realism, three day workshop with Kato; Pleasant Pear Studio, Kelowna, BC
  • October 2019, Masterclass in Acrylics I and II, three day workshop with David Langevin, Ellis Art Studio, Kelowna, BC
  • June 2019, two day study with Dominik Modlinski, Plein Air workshop, Naramata, BC
  • April 2019, Oasis Symposium: One Approach to Developing an Acrylic Landscape with Brian Buckrell at UBCO, Kelowna BC
  • Winter 2019, weekly workshops: Oil and Acrylic Art Lessons with Kato, at the Pleasant Pear Studio, Kelowna BC
  • January 2019, Landscape Painting with Anita McCoumas, Old Schoolhouse, Peachland BC
  • December 2018, Study in Animal Painting workshop with Anita McCoumas, Kelowna Palette Club